Get Up! The Human Body is Made to Move

Sitting is the new smoking, so they say. As I sit here at my desk writing this article, I’m distracted by this video that came across my desk – so what did I do? I got up and danced, of course! Before reading any further, where are you now? — at a desk, in bed, a car, or a train? Take a moment to watch and participate! We often spend over 15 hours a day sitting. We all know being a couch potato is bad for us, but the truth is that even with regular exercise – sitting all day has a negative effect on Continue Reading

Benefits of Acupressure

Acupressure massage has its roots in ancient Chinese practices dating back over 5,000 years. Similar to acupuncture, practitioners discovered that applying pressure to certain points on the body relieved pain in the immediate area and benefited other areas of the body removed from the immediate pain source and pressure point. Over time, they discovered other locations that also improved the functioning of certain internal organs in addition to alleviating pain. Today, Acupressure is used to combat a variety of ailments including stress, anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders. Many Americans have discovered the benefits of acupressure massage. Sleep disorders affect 50 to 70 million American’s Continue Reading

5 Sweet Valentine’s Day Recipes Without The Guilt

Sweet Treats Without the Guilt! Valentine’s Day is around the corner. It’s typically a time full of indulgences. Lavish gifts, splurging on meals, and who can forget the chocolate and desserts. Commercial chocolate is usually full of added sugars and chemicals. If you’ve been trying to stay conscious of what you’re eating then that heart shaped box can derail you! Don’t let it! Here’s some healthier options  – Dip strawberries in semisweet or dark chocolate.Or offer a variety of fresh fruits to dip in chocolate fondue.Blackberry Sorbet (Makes 2 servings) 2 cups frozen blackberries 2 tablespoons water or dairy free Continue Reading

Create a Mindful Marriage With These 5 Tips

A mindful marriage can mean a deeper connection and more harmonious relationship at home. Valentine’s Day is almost here. It’s often a time we are thinking of flowers, gifts and a special dinner. The best gift you could give each other this Valentine’s Day is a closer relationship. Here’s 5 tips for creating a deeper connection with your spouse – Drop the agenda. It’s common to keep a scorecard of sorts in a relationship. You tally everything you’ve done in one column and what they haven’t done in the other. Lose the agenda and be present in the moment, rather Continue Reading

Label Reading 101 Part 3, Fats

Be a Food Label Sleuth Be smarter than the Government Trans fats are highly-processed fats that have been refined and processed using hydrogenation.  This changes the molecular structure of the fats to improve flavor and prolong shelf life. The altered molecular structure of trans fats have detrimental effects on the body and add to increased risk of inflammation, heart disease, cancer and obesity. Refined and processed foods such as snacks, chips, cakes, cookies, margarines, dressings, low-fat foods, and fast foods contain trans fats. Does our government protect us from these unhealthy fats? NO! The government put a big loophole in Continue Reading

Label Reading 101, Part 2

Be a Food Label Sleuth Investigate unfamiliar ingredients. That’s what I did when I found this ingredient listed on the can of coconut milk: When you find an ingredient you can’t pronounce (or in this case is more numbers than letters) search the Internet to find information about these unfamiliar ingredients on the label. An ingredient I just learned about is Quorn, a manufactured meat substitute that was written up by the Center for Science in the Public Interest: Who knew? Identify foods that don’t agree with you. Some of the most common foods people find irritate them include gluten, eggs, Continue Reading

Happy Almost Spring!

Happy almost Spring! We seem to be in the middle of both Winer and Spring and I just love this photo – it’s so hopeful! My Spring Detox will be starting in April and the cart opens April 1st with a special night sponsored by Relay Foods. If you haven’t tried them, I suggest you check them out, and the first time you order $50.00 or more groceries you’ll get $30 for FREE. Unbelievable right? April 1st, in my office at the Rotunda, Relay Foods will join me in providing delicious, local foods that are Detox friendly.  And I’ll be Continue Reading

Label Reading 101, Part 1

Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” But the food in the day of Hippocrates didn’t come with labels! All food is meant to supply us with energy, vitamins, and minerals for our bodies to function.  So, food is like medicine, right? Think vegetables, fruits, and proteins.  This is fuel for your body that comes from the farm. Try to eat more and more whole foods and, when you can’t, then start reading labels and become a label detective. If You Really Have to Buy Something Processed: Don’t be fooled by marketing. Remember, packaging is Continue Reading