Have you ever been really excited to try something yet the more you think about the more reasons you find that you will fail? It’s pretty common for us to sabotage our own best efforts by putting up roadblocks to our success. We tend to be our own worst critics and that extends into our personal realm as well – diet, exercise, a more positive mindset – we can always predict our own failure. It’s important to make sure we’re paying attention to the negative thoughts in our heads and have detours prepared for the roadblocks ahead.


Does doing a Spring Detox intrigue you? What are you afraid of?

Success? What will happen if you start feeling better?
Is it going to be too hard?

Are you afraid of giving up your beloved coffee? Or the sugar?

Guess what: You don’t have to give up coffee!!

Changes can happen with one small step. Try the detox for one day at a time, or one meal at a time. Be gentle with changes and yourself.  Invite change slowly but with support and loving kindness.

Personally, I’ve been meditating using the Headspace app for 10 minutes a day. It helps me to first PAY ATTENTION to the thoughts and emotions that are naturally filling my head.  Noticing is the first step of making any change.  But by noticing what my internal chatter is about, and not struggling against the thoughts, is when change can happen slowly and naturally.  It helps me clear out the negativity that inevitably finds its way into my thoughts and helps me refocus on my success.

Any lifestyle change is accompanied by roadblocks and detours – you’re undoing years of habit. These stumbling blocks are not failures, they are simply opportunities to refocus and see where your true strength lies. You might find that when detoxing you’re finally able to kick the coffee habit or decrease cravings for sugar!

Many of my clients find that they end up no longer liking or craving the very foods and drinks that they thought they couldn’t live without.

The thing with change is that if you change nothing, nothing changes.

Tell me, what are your barriers?

Decide to start the journey with us on Monday, April 4, or the following Monday, April 11.  Love yourself enough to be willing.

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