scan your skinI think of myself as a mind-body/stress management/health coach – helping clients deal with pain, distress and life’s imbalances using manual and mind-body therapies.

But, really – I am in the skin business. I don’t always think of myself this way until I find something on a client’s skin that looks different or new.  Then I snap a photo for them, or circle it with a pen, and send them to their dermatologist.

Well, this time it was my turn.  My dermatologist, at my annual full-body screening, found something on the back of my arm that looked suspicious.  She took a biopsy and guess what?  MELANOMA. Of course, I had it removed right away and the margins are clear, after a really hard week of waiting and worrying.

I’ve debated writing about this, or telling anyone for that matter, until I spoke with a friend about it.  Here is what she said, “a full body scan?  I didn’t know that was a thing!”

Well, friends, it is a thing. A potentially life-saving thing in fact.  So, if you are local to Baltimore and don’t have a dermatologist, it’s time to get one and get checked.  The thing on my arm I NEVER saw because it was on the back/side, just out of daily view.

My dermatology office is having a free cancer screening on May 11th.  Here are the details:;

And in the meantime, cover up in the sun and use sunscreen!  I use the safest products recommended by the Environmental Working Group:

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