May is Melanoma month

Happy Spring!  I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me; I’ve not made time for writing with my full practice and family life, not to mention continuing education!  -- Ask me about Emotional Freedom Technique and the Dissection class I took!As you know, I think of myself as a mind-body/stress management/health coach – helping clients deal with pain, distress, and life’s imbalances by using integrative manual and mind-body therapies. Continue Reading

New Options for Supplements

Hello, Can you believe it’s the middle of the summer already? I’m now offering you the opportunity to purchase your supplements at a 15% discount from wellevate ℠, a new service I am using.  This service allows you to purchase from the entire Emerson Ecologics catalog as you please from any smart device or computer and have the products shipped to your house.   You will enjoy free shipping on any order over $49 and can ask me for recommendations via email anytime you please. Just go to the link below and click the register button to activate your account and make your first order.  I Continue Reading