“Last winter, I did the clean eating program with Jane. I have discovered things about myself, my relationship to food, my personal plan for eating, and now I feel great. I lost 5 pounds in the process and feel like myself again. I’ll do the program each season because I always learn something! I enjoy having new recipes to try and the daily reminders to pay attention to ME!””

Have you ever had a really busy day and suddenly you realize its 3pm and you haven’t had lunch yet? Without thinking, you find yourself pulling into the drive through at a fast food joint just to satisfy your hunger.  If not the drive through, maybe your poison is sugar or fast carbs or if you are like me: coffee! We’ve all been guilty of mindlessly eating while our thoughts are somewhere else. It’s time to take the focus off the fork, and start paying attention before we’ve even grabbed a plate. The best way to feel better is not to “diet” but to focus on mindful eating – think before you eat.


My clean eating detox program is different from other clean eating programs in that we focus on practicing mindful eating.  During the program, I encourage you to pay attention to your thoughts and emotions.  We learn to invite a few pauses into our day and I invite you to try these simple tricks to help bring you back to the present moment:

tape a sticky note on your computer, dash board, or bathroom mirror;

set an alarm on your phone;

scrawl a note on the dry erase board on your fridge;

all with messages of STOP, BREATHE, NOTICE

How am I feeling?  Hungry? Tired, angry, bored, frustrated, happy, relaxed….?

Our lives are so busy that we often spend all day suppressing our emotions because we feel that we don’t have the time to deal with them. They are an inconvenience. The danger is they than manifest themselves in different ways.

Do you find yourself craving certain things on the especially stressful days? Before you reach for a drink or a certain food that might be calling you; take a moment and think about why is it calling you? What are you really reaching for? Is the drink or food actually going to fulfill a physical thirst or hunger? What are you really trying to fill? What are you feeling? Are you angry, sad, tired? I reach for sugar when I am tired for sure!!! Other’s might eat chocolate when sad or have a drink if they are angry. The reality is those uncomfortable emotions are still going to be there once the bag of chips is in the garbage.

Part of mindful and clean eating is not what is on your plate – it is what is IN you. Make it a practice to pay attention and check in before you eat. It’s amazing how much better you begin to feel when you’re not only conscious of what you are eating but also in what you are feeling as well.

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