“Health is a large word. It embraces not the body only, but the mind and spirit as well… and not today’s pain or pleasure alone, but the whole being and outlook of a human.”
James H. West

Working with a Certified Holistic Health Coach, you have the opportunity to make long-term changes in your lifestyle resulting in better health for now and the future. The Online DIY Program that provides all you need for resetting your system, identifying food sensitivities, jumpstarting weight-loss, and regaining your energy for life. Listening to your body and finding your inner peace with small shifts in perspective and strategies for work/family/life integration is the journey that will sustain a happier and healthier you.

Using age-old Mind-Body practices, nourishing food traditions, and the support and motivation from your coach, you can: increase your energy, beat your sugar and other food cravings, identify food sensitivities, support your body’s innate ability to repair itself, find your ideal weight and feel comfortable in your body, reduce negative effects of stress, and tap into your pleasure and joy.


Contact me for a conversation about how we can work together.

One-on-one coaching in a nutshell:

  • A program is tailored to your needs.
  • After our first call, if we feel we are a good match, we will start meeting regularly.
  • We can meet over the phone or in person and you will have email support and accountability.
  • Our work will not be about a diet plan, though food will likely play a large part of our work together. Often I use an elimination diet (my Clean Eating with the Seasons Program) to help you get clear about what foods serve you best and heal your gut.
  • I believe that eating real, clean food can be like good medicine and is a great place to start improving your well-being. Together, we will work to make small changes that can support better lifestyle choices. We will look at work, play, relationships, cooking, movement choices, social life, and hobbies as part of the larger picture of what motivates you toward and blocks your health from being the best you can be.


Contact me for a conversation about how we can work together.


One-on-One Health Coaching is not for you?

Join 100’s of others who have participated in Online Seasonal Detox and Clean Eating Programs.

The Online DIY Program that provides all you need for resetting your system, identifying food sensitivities, jumpstarting weight-loss, and regaining your energy for life?


Eating Clean with the Seasons


“I have the pleasure of being one of Jane’s first Coaching Clients.  I had been seeing her for massage monthly for several months.  I was living a high stress lifestyle, had some impending hip surgery and was dealing with chronic  pain with inflammation in the hip joints and the left ankle.  Jane and I often talked about lifestyle changes I was interested in making, and we both felt a coaching plus body work package would work for me. So we embarked on a journey that would bring some life changing realizations.

I began an 11 day cleanse on January 8th. Jane was supportive and provided me with articles on nutrition, stress management and exercises in mindfulness.  I continue to use these techniques today.  I made the commitment, bought the Kale (a lot of Kale), and agreed that the one other change I would make was to stop drinking diet Pepsi and eating fast food.  As my job requires me to travel, I was often having to eat on the road.  So I bought a small cooler, a case of bottled water (Jane’s recommendation) and prepared to eat healthily.

This was my first cleanse and I was apprehensive.  The recipes were time intensive in terms of preparation, but I was very satisfied, and Never Hungry.  I had lost 9 pounds in the 11 days. I felt as though this was a great start to some permanent changes.  Jane’s bodywork continued to assist me in dealing with the pain I was experiencing and we both noticed a significant decrease in inflammation. After the 11-day cleanse I attempted to drink the lemon elixir regularly and often had breakfast smoothies.  My main commitment was to eat clean, keep to 1300 calories, and to cut out artificial sweeteners and processed carbs.

In April I had a total left hip replacement and had to stay away from Jane for several weeks, but I kept true to my commitments. To date I have lost 32 pounds, I have still not had a single diet Pepsi (I still can’t believe that myself) and I am excited to say that  I am in better health – by far- then I was when we started.  My Triglycerides went from 900 to 184, my cholesterol from 330 to 174, Jane referred me to a great Primary Care Nurse practitioner, and I survived the total hip procedure. Jane continues to assist me with body work and stress management techniques (my lifestyle remains quite stressful ).  I call Jane my Mystique Healer!”