Back To Health For Back To School

Students are preparing to head back to school. It’s the rush of shopping for clothing, school supplies, lunches and other essentials. As your children are transitioning from a summer full of activity and movement, carefree fun and relaxation to being more sedentary, carrying backpacks and adjusting to the rigors and stress of school work – take the time to read these tips on how to make sure you’re heading back to health when you head back to school! 1) Take care of young backs! Hopefully your school is one of those that is moving away from lugging heavy backpacks back Continue Reading

How to Practice Kindness and Generosity Through Simple Gestures

As John Lennon said – “All you need is love.” We can all agree that given the events currently unfolding in the world – we can all use a little more love, kindness and generosity in our lives. These past few months have been traumatic for all of us with the amount of hate and violence we have witnessed. It seems that the world has forgotten that your love for someone else is not contingent upon whether they love you or not. How can we be mindful of bringing back the love, kindness and generosity which we all crave? The Continue Reading

Women Need Mindfulness More Than Men Do

Summer is in full swing for most of us. For a time that is meant for relaxation and rest – it often looks like this for most women – (especially moms!) – it should come as no surprise than that a recent article from Harvard Business Review says that women need to practice mindfulness even more than men do. While women are proud of our ability to multitask it isn’t doing us or anyone else any favors. Multitasking makes our mind constantly switch back and forth between different tasks, negatively impacting our productivity, creativity, and accuracy. Our mind becomes overloaded by all Continue Reading

Stretch Out Your Stress

Stress is a killer. Literally. All that time spent sitting at a desk, dealing with job stress and the health complications associated with it along with the reality of life and it’s messiness – they can all take a toll on you – physically and mentally. Stress doesn’t just weigh on your mind, it also creates tension in your body. Luckily, there’s things you can do to alleviate both the mental and physical stress creating a happier, healthier you. Desk Stretches Stretching releases endorphins that improve your mood and combat feelings of stress, anxiety and depression. Stretching will also release lactic acid and Continue Reading

Scan Your Skin and Stay Safe in the Sun This Summer

I think of myself as a mind-body/stress management/health coach – helping clients deal with pain, distress and life’s imbalances using manual and mind-body therapies. But, really – I am in the skin business. I don’t always think of myself this way until I find something on a client’s skin that looks different or new.  Then I snap a photo for them, or circle it with a pen, and send them to their dermatologist. Well, this time it was my turn.  My dermatologist, at my annual full-body screening, found something on the back of my arm that looked suspicious.  She took Continue Reading

It Only Take 3 Minutes to Reset Your Day – Mini Meditation

Are you having a rough day? Does it feel like NOTHING is going right? Do you have three minutes? Did you know you can reset your entire day in just three minutes?  I love taking the time for mini meditation – it’s the perfect way to refocus and calm your mind. You can do it anywhere – there’s no preparation involved. If you aren’t sure if meditation is right for you consider these points. Meditation reduces stress. Meditation allows us to control our emotions and put things into perspective. When you feel agitated and full of unrest due to outside pressures, meditation has been shown Continue Reading

Paying Attention – What Your Body Is Telling You

Have you ever eaten something and thought to yourself – I’m going to regret that later… Have you ever wondered why that is and what your body is telling you? I can assure you – it isn’t saying – “Thank you,” or “More please!” If you’re paying attention to what your body is telling you there is so much to learn. My Seasonal Clean Eating Program is an elimination diet as its core.  The idea is that you are letting go of foods that are typical allergens for some people (corn, wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, nuts) and allowing your body Continue Reading

Paying Attention – Roadblocks Ahead

Have you ever been really excited to try something yet the more you think about the more reasons you find that you will fail? It’s pretty common for us to sabotage our own best efforts by putting up roadblocks to our success. We tend to be our own worst critics and that extends into our personal realm as well – diet, exercise, a more positive mindset – we can always predict our own failure. It’s important to make sure we’re paying attention to the negative thoughts in our heads and have detours prepared for the roadblocks ahead. Does doing a Spring Continue Reading

Take The Focus Off The Fork – Think Before You Eat

“Last winter, I did the clean eating program with Jane. I have discovered things about myself, my relationship to food, my personal plan for eating, and now I feel great. I lost 5 pounds in the process and feel like myself again. I’ll do the program each season because I always learn something! I enjoy having new recipes to try and the daily reminders to pay attention to ME!”” Have you ever had a really busy day and suddenly you realize its 3pm and you haven’t had lunch yet? Without thinking, you find yourself pulling into the drive through at a fast food joint just Continue Reading

Paying Attention – Super Heroes And Confidence

The first step in changing anything is awareness. How can you change your pain level if you don’t pay attention to your stress levels or contributing posture? Ignoring something doesn’t make it go away. Instead you will usually find it has made it worse. So what should we be aware of when it comes to alleviating our pain and generally feeling better about ourselves? Pay attention to your posture. Are you developing text/computer neck from being attached to your devices all day? Does your lower back hurt from slouching in your seat? Are your shoulders sore from hunching over? I’ve recently started Continue Reading