Karen Shavin

I am a passionate student of the mind/body connection and take an integrative approach to wellness.  I believe we are more than just physical beings, our health is influenced by the inter-connectedness of physical, mental, energetic, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  This means stress in any one system will impact the health of the others.  I have learned that to be present in the moment, with gratitude for who we are, takes a lifetime of practice and that Hands-on Healing is a powerful adjunct to traditional Western medicine in learning to live a harmonious life. My goal is to listen carefully, respect the inner wisdom of the body, and support wellness through appropriate application of the tools with which I am familiar.
In my previous career as an early childhood and special education professional, I focused on learning and the mind. The children and families I saw came from difficult circumstances, with limited resources and many challenges. Working with these children and their families, I acquired a great deal of respect for individual differences and I gradually came to understand that learning, without listening to the body, was incomplete. At the same time, I began yoga classes to manage chronic knee pain. Through the mind/body practices, I discovered a sense of peace and joy that had been missing from my daily life, in addition to finding relief for my physical pain. I was determined to learn how to bring these seemingly simple practices to relieve the suffering of others.

I have developed my own approach to bodywork, rooted in professional trainings, clinical work, continuing education, and thousands of hours of self-structured study. All of these approaches inform what I offer to my clients. I use a multi-systems approach, where I attend to the physical, energetic, emotional, cognitive and spiritual needs of my clients through deep listening and supporting their needs. It is also an educational approach, both supporting the body in learning ways to release pain and suffering and, at the same time, empowering clients to regain their sense of well-being. As a result, treatments for each person are individualized and responsive to specific needs in the moment.

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