Body Mind Spirit

Our bodywork practice is uniquely suited to meet our clients’ physical and emotional needs. Our sessions are individualized and relationship centered. We artfully combine multiple bodywork modalities including massage and manual therapy techniques, Acupressure, and Zero Balancing® with Mind-Body Skills such as meditation, breathing and relaxation techniques.

approachIf desired, we will work in conjunction with your other wellness care providers including physicians, physical therapists, acupuncturists and psychotherapists. Our goal is to decrease or eliminate pain and distress, relax your body and mind, and enhance your well-being.


Our approach is holistic.

Even while addressing local issues/injuries, we keep the whole of the person in mind, holding them in high regard. Through this patient centered approach, we can encourage change in people’s lifestyles and their bodies.

The goals of your bodywork session will determine which parts of your body require attention and what modalities will be used. Many clients have specific areas of tension and pain and their session might focus only on that area. Others prefer a focus on a local issue while addressing the entire body and others still prefer a full-body approach. Each session is designed with the whole person in mind and with your participation.

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