Summer is in full swing for most of us. For a time that is meant for relaxation and rest – it often looks like this for most women – (especially moms!) –
weekly2-page-001it should come as no surprise than that a recent article from Harvard Business Review says that women need to practice mindfulness even more than men do.

While women are proud of our ability to multitask it isn’t doing us or anyone else any favors. Multitasking makes our mind constantly switch back and forth between different tasks, negatively impacting our productivity, creativity, and accuracy. Our mind becomes overloaded by all the tasks within it and our memory suffers as well.

Mutitasking increases stress and anxiety by raising cortisol levels. Women can counteract that by being mindful —  intentionally paying attention to the present moment — improving their focus and productivity. Mindfulness isn’t an inherent talent you are born with. It is a learned skill which improves with practice. Enhance your ability to focus with mindful meditation. You strengthen you ability to focus by paying attention to only one thing – like your breath – and you redirect your mind back to it every time it begins to wander. Meditation gives you the tools you need to be conscious of when you become distracted and allows you to circle your attention back to the task at hand. Rather than becoming overwhelmed by your thoughts and attention you are aware of them and can deal with them one at a time.

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